MTP® OM4 Multi-Mode 12 Fibers Trunk Cable Type A

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MTP® OM4 Multi-Mode 12 Fibers Trunk Cable Type A

MTP® OM4 push-pull trunk cable is designed for high-density connectors and various cable configurations. It is an ideal solution for multi-fibers termination in high-density networks for better space saving and less expensive installation or maintenance costs.
OM4 fiber cable features higher bandwidth and transmission rates than OM3 cable.
With an Effective Modal Bandwidth (EMB) of 4700 MHz/km at 850nm.
Support 10Gb up to 550 meters, 40Gb and 100Gb up to 150 meters.

Full Details

  • Fiber Connector A:           US Conec MTP® Female
  • Fiber Connector B:           US Conec MTP® Female
  • Fiber Mode:                       OM4, Multi-mode, 50/125
  • Fiber Count:                       12 Fibers
  • Polish Type:                       UPC to UPC
  • Wavelength:                       850nm/1300nm
  • Insertion Loss:                   < 0.3 dB
  • Return Loss:                       > 20 dB
  • Type (Method):                  Type A
  • Jacket OD:                          3.0 mm
  • Jacket Material:                 OFNR (Plenum)
  • Jacket Color:                      Aqua


Features Electronics

  • UL listed
  • Dust protective cap included
  • Use with LED and VCSEL laser light sources
  • Corning® glass 50μm core and 125μm cladding
  • Connection type A (Straight through), key up to key down
  • 100% Tested with report included in each cable package
  • The MTP® connector is fully compatible with MPO connector standards with the integrated push-pull mechanism and higher performance
  • OFNP (Plenum) rated fiber cable is ideal for use in the plenum space of commercial/residential buildings

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