2.5" to 3.5" HDD Converter Kit

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2.5" To 3.5" HDD Converter Kit

2.5" to 3.5" HDD converter kit allows you to connect 2.5" laptop's IDE hard drive to a standard 40-pin IDE cable for installation in a desktop. This converter kit also comes with a prewired Molex connector for power of an HDD/IDE. 

This adapter makes file transfer to/from your laptop to your desktop quick and easy.
The HDD converter kit was designed for most of the older equipment that still works fine and needs to be adapted for the newer PC's.

    Full Details

    • 44-pin IDC Female for 2.5" Hard Drive
    • 40-pin IDC Male connects to 3.5" IDE Cable
    • With 4-pin 2-conductor Power Connector

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