6-Outlet Power Strip With Surge Suppressor

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6 Outlet Power Strip With Surge Suppressor

This 6 outlet surge suppressor is designed to protect valuable electronic devices from damaging power spikes and interference found in all electrical power sources. When this occurs, the power strip dissipates the incoming and outgoing voltage to a level that will not damage equipment.


  • 6 outlets, one line surge suppressor
  • 14AWG heavy duty power cord
  • Integrated circuit breaker switch with light
  • 250 joules surge protection (L-N)
  • Electrical Rating: 125V, 15A, 1,875 watts
  • UL Approval

    Full Details             

    • Max Surge Dissipation :                        250 joules
    • Electrical Rating :                                   125V AC, 15A, 1,875 watts
    • Max. Spike Current :                               6,500 A
    • Max. Surge Voltage :                              6,000 V
    • Clamping Surge Voltage :                     330 V
    • Response Time :                                      Less Than 1 ns
    • Color :                                                         Beige Color 


    1. For indoor use only. Do not use in wet or damp areas
    2. Use this unit with 125 volts AC power ( 1875 watts-15 amps max) only. Always use a grounding adapter when plugging unit into a two-conductor wall receptacle
    3. If circuit breaker trips due to power overload; unplug and remove excess power drain then reset
    4. Make sure cord is always uncoiled and knot free when in use to avoid overheating
    5. To remove plug from receptacle, use the grip on the plug. Do not pull the plug by the cord

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