DMS-59 Male to 2 ╳ DVI-I Female Dual Link Splitter Cable

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Connect two DVI monitors to a single graphics card port with a LFH-59 / LFH-60 ( DMS-59 or DMS-60) connector.

This DMS 59 to dual DVI Y cable allows you to break out one LFH 59 or LFH 60 (DMS 59 and DMS 60) connection on Matrox Qid, Nvidia Quadro, and PNY Quadro graphics cards into two DVI-I Dual Link female connectors - letting you connect two DVI capable monitors for a cost-effective dual display solution.


Full Details

  • Connector A :            DMS-59 Male
  • Connector B :            DVI-I Dual Link Female ╳ 2
  • Cable Color :              Black Color
  • RoHS Compliant:     Yes


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