England/UK IEC-60320-C5 to BS1363 Notebook Power Cord With Fuse

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This England/UK power cord is a perfect solution to connect your laptop or notebook with IEC-60320-C6 inlet while traveling to England.

Be prepared so you can plug in your notebook when you visit England. IEC-320-C5 is a polarized power socket often found on the power supplies used by notebook computers. The C5 connector has three round prongs arranged in a triangular fashion. One common slang term for this plug is “Mickey Mouse" ears connector. The female connector plugs directly into notebook, while the male connector plugs into the UK outlet.

Full Details

  • Connector A :                        BS1363 UK plug with 5A fuse
  • Connector B :                        IEC-60320-C5 
  • Amp/Voltage Rating :         5A/250V
  • Cable Color :                          Black Color 
  • Cable Length :                        6 Ft
  • Conductor :                            18 AWG
  • Certification :                        VDE, ENEC, BSI
  • RoHS Compliant:                  Yes


  • Ideal replacement for damaged, overused or missing England/UK power cords

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