European CEE 7/16 to IEC-60320-C7 Notebook Power Cord

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Connect your laptop, VCR, DVD player or other devices that use a 2-slot non-polarized cord while traveling to Europe.

Female end connects directly with your device and male end plugs into a Europe type outlet. Designed for notebook computers with a non-keyed (non-polarized) end.

This CEE 7/16 connector is also listed as Italian standard CEI 23-5, and Russian standard GOST 7396. 

Full Details

  • Connector A :                        CEE 7/16 
  • Connector B :                        IEC-60320-C7 Non-Polarized
  • Amp/Voltage Rating :         2.5A/250V
  • Cable Color :                          Black Color 
  • Conductor :                            18 AWG., Non Polarized
  • Certification :                         VDE, ENEC
  • RoHS Compliant:                  Yes


  • Ideal replacement for damaged, overused or missing European power cords

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