F/RCA/BNC/RG59/RG6 Compression Crimping Tool

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Use this compression tool to crimp F-type, BNC, and RCA compression connectors.

Compression fittings are agreed to be the highest quality type for audio/video applications because they feature a radial crimp that compresses uniformly around the body of the connector. This creates a stronger, more robust connection between it and the cable, and provides superior electrical performance compared to traditional connections.

Compression fittings also offer a quicker, more consistent termination, with a high degree of repeatability to ensure that tired hands will not make a bad connection.


    Compatible : Crimping F-type, BNC and RCA connectors for RG-58, RG-59, RG-62 or RG-                              6 cables
    Function :      Crimping


    • Soft rubber anti-slip handle makes it more comfortable and easy when crimping

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