RJ11 6P4C 2 Line Male to 3 ╳ Female Modular T-Adapter

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RJ-11 6P4C Male to Female ╳ 3 Modular T-Adapter

This modular T-adapter plugs into a standard two-line telephone jack and split the line, directing the first line to one jack (L1) and the second line to the other jack (L2). With a splitter, you will just have two single-line phones coming off the same jack.

One of the phones will receive calls from line one (L1), and the other will receive calls from line two (L2). A combined line one plus line two (L1+L2) allows you to keep your two-line telephone connected.

      Full Details

      • Connector A :                    RJ-11 6P/4C Male
      • Connector B :                    RJ-11 6P/4C Female ╳ 3
      • Color :                                  White Color
      • Type :                                   2 Line, L1 / L2 / L1+L2
      • RoHS Compliant :              Yes

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