VHDCI 68-Pin Male to VHDCI 68-Pin Male SCSI Cable

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Designed to connect SCSI storage device, scanner or other SCSI peripherals.

This VHDCI (Very High-Density Cable Interconnect) cable features double-shielded twisted-pair cabling to reduce EMI/RFI interference. This cable is primarily used to connect advanced SCSI multiport applications to RAID controllers.

Full Details

  • Connector A :              VHDCI 0.8mm 68-Pin Male
  • Connector B :              VHDCI 0.8mm 68-Pin Male
  • Conductor :                  34 Twisted Pairs 30 AWG
  • Cable Color :                 Black Color
  • RoHS Compliant:         Yes


  • Double-shielded conductor reduces EMI/RFI interference to provide better performance

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