Blue Color Cat6 550MHZ STP Solid Bulk Ethernet Cable

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Cat6 solid bulk cable is perfect for making custom length in-wall horizontal network cable runs.

Our 1000-ft shielded category 6 solid bulk cable is perfect for your custom network installation projects. It is designed for in-wall cabling applications. Solid core conductors allow the cable to transmit data further with fewer losses, but reducing its flexibility and the number of times it can be flexed before breaking. As such, solid cable is perfect for permanent installation applications where the cable will not be move much once it is installed. Most of the dedicated wiring in buildings that have network wiring built in is using solid cable. Furthermore, with its shielding, it is ideal for installation in high EMI/RFI environments.

You can cut lengths to meet your needs and terminate the cable with our category 6 rated, shielded, RJ45 plugs and color matched relieve boots. We also carry networking tools to cut, strip and crimp your cables together. Our bulk cable comes with sequential foot markers and is packaged in an easy-to-pull box for easier installation.

Full Details

  • Conductor :                    23 AWG solid bare copper
  • Cable Assembly :          4 twisted pairs with a spline core separator
  • Cable Color :                   Blue Color
  • Jacket :                            PVC
  • Length :                           1000 FT
  • RoHS Compliant:           Yes


  • Solid copper conductor
  • 100% pure copper wires are compliant with EIA/TIA standard by UL and ETL
  • Shielded Cat6 cable contains protective foil shielding to reduce noise interference
  • Our Cat6 cables are certified to handle Gigabit Ethernet with a bandwidth of up to 550 MHz

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