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Cat6a 650MHZ STP Solid Bulk Ethernet Cable

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Category 6A (Augmented) solid cable with spline. PVC jacketed cables are used in non-plenum spaces which account for most residential and some commercial spaces.

Full Details

  • Conductor :                    23 AWG Solid Bare Copper
  • Cable Assembly :          4 Twisted Pairs with a Spline Core Separator
  • Cable Color :                   Blue Color 
  • Length :                           1000 FT
  • RoHS Compliant:           Yes


  • Solid copper conductor
  • Test range from 1 to 650 MHz
  • CMR (riser) rated PVC jacket for indoor installations
  • Provide tighter twists to improve alien cross-talk performance
  • 100% pure copper wires are compliant with EIA/TIA standard by UL and ETL
  • Shielded Cat6a cable contains protective foil shielding to reduce noise interference

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