IEEE-488 GPIB HP-IB Cables

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IEEE-488 is also commonly known as HP-IB (Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus) and GPIB (General Purpose Interface Bus).

It's commonly used for laboratory test equipment.
The cable is fully shielded to reduce noise interference.


Full Details

  • Connector A :          Centronic 24 Pin Male / Female
  • Connector B :          Centronic 24 Pin Male / Female
  • Conductor :            26 AWG
  • Cable Color :          Gray Color
  • RoHS Compliant:     Yes


  • It features male and female piggy-backed 24-pin Centronics style connections to allow daisy-chaining to another instrument or printing device.
  • It can daisy chain up to 15 instruments to one computer.
  • IEEE 488 cables are typically used in test and measurement applications.

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