Premium 4 BNC Male to 4 BNC Male Component Video Cable

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This 4 BNC component is commonly used for professional video equipment.

This cable separates the video signal into a red component, a blue component, a green component, and a sync component. It is ideal for video equipment using RGBS (RGB + Sync) outputs.

Full Details

  • Connector A :                        75Ω BNC Male ╳ 4
  • Connector B :                        75Ω BNC Male ╳ 4
  • Conductor :                            28 AWG. 75Ω Mini Coaxial ╳ 4
  • Cable Color :                          Beige Color
  • RoHS Compliant:                  Yes


  • Each individual coaxial cable line is fully shielded for resistance to harmful EMI/RFI interference
  • Precision terminated BNC connections ensure that the proper 75 ohm impedance is maintained
  • Each line is properly color coded to prevent unwanted installation errors

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